Monthly Archives: November 2015

On Film

Landscape, ilford, black and white, nature, fiilm

I finally had a roll of film developed that’s been sitting in an old Nikon EM that I got from a friends dad ages ago. I completely forgot what I shot on there – along with forgetting about that lucky packet excitement you get when you just got a roll back. Turns out it was shots from a December holiday about two years ago. They aren’t the best shots, but they have a lot of nostalgic value – that’s the beauty of film, it has an authenticity to it, a way of taking you back to a raw unedited moment in time.

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A shift in perspective

london, china town, people, travl, strangers, portraits

I’ve been asking myself lately what makes me truly happy? What gets me excited and makes me tick? Perhaps it’s that time of the year again, where everything starts to feel a bit dense, a bit monotonous, but that’s irrelevant really because the question still stands.

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