Monthly Archives: January 2017

On The Road Home

Saturday morning creeped up as our alarms went off at 7.30 for an 8am breakfast – we sat sipping our filter coffee as we waited for our bacon and eggs to be prepared. The rain had slowed but the sky was still overcast – mist and clouds covering most of the mountains which surround Swellendam. For most it would be a disappointed but I couldn’t help but feel like the universe was giving me a break.

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On The Road To Somewhere

Those who know me well will know that I’ve been craving a trip out of the city for quite some time now. The need to escape gets to me at times. I love the city, the busy streets that never sleep, the constant noise which, after a while, becomes soothing like a sort of white noise – the never ending buzz becomes comforting. It’s like being awake at 3am sitting on your balcony and seeing some lights on in apartments across the street from yours. Knowing that you aren’t the only person awake. The city is constantly filled with pockets of reminders that hint of a sense of togetherness. But once in a while it reaches a point where it all gets a bit overwhelming, and that’s when I need to hit the road.

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No New Me

2016 was a weird one. It was one of those years that felt more like a movie than real life. On the work front life was fantastic (new clients, my first proper gallery opening for my street photography, new company) on the personal front it was a roller coaster. I haven’t really used this blog much, apart from sporadic posts every now and then – mostly when I’m overseas. I always have these ideas of how I’ll write more, do more, post more. But then life gets in the way again and I just don’t.

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