After Dark – NYC

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You know those days where you have so many things on you mind and you try to put them down on paper but they come out all muddled and nothing sounds right. Well the last couple of days have been like that for me.

Every time that I’ve sat down to write a post I end up hitting cmd-a and delete. I also feel like I’ve been awake for two days straight, which I kind of have been at this point since I hardly count napping upright in a metal tube while being propelled through the sky at crazy speed with some background noise curtesy of a crying baby as sleeping. (Mental note: Get rich so that I can fly business class)

I landed in NYC this morning and I was greeted with a beautiful cold, overcast and rainy day in New York City. I think the cab driver was oddly bemused by the excitement that this caused. Anyway, $40 odd later I was back in Brooklyn. Life is surreal sometimes, today especially. It was a reminder that existence is fleeting, and that life for the most part is completely out of our control. To be honest I don’t know if it brings me a sense of calm or a complete overwhelming feeling of anxiety to the point where I feel the illusion of calm. Who knows, that’s not the point. Today was a reminder that lives can change in an instance and that friends and your loved ones are your pillars, and we should hold them close always.

I spent the afternoon catching up on some work before heading down the local bar for a whiskey with Jacob. On my way home I decided to start playing with some night shots. I have always loved the way the light dances in the dark. How you can pick up the warm and cold tones that often go unseen and how the world becomes slightly different. I’m excited to experiment more with shooting after dark.

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