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Moving and life on film

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Over the last couple of days I packed 6 years of my life into boxes. I tossed about 60% of what I had accumulated, and gave away some more. I thought moving would feel more surreal. Apartments hold so much history, relationships, friendships, the good, the bad and the ugly. How would it feel to pack that all away?

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On Film

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I finally had a roll of film developed that’s been sitting in an old Nikon EM that I got from a friends dad ages ago. I completely forgot what I shot on there – along with forgetting about that lucky packet excitement you get when you just got a roll back. Turns out it was shots from a December holiday about two years ago. They aren’t the best shots, but they have a lot of nostalgic value – that’s the beauty of film, it has an authenticity to it, a way of taking you back to a raw unedited moment in time.

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New York & D.C on film


I bought a disposable film camera at a bodega in Brooklyn close to the apartment that we were renting. This was the result.

Photo’s taken across New York and D.C.