Ground, Words and Photographs of People

I woke up early with the idea to get loads of work done, and then mid-morning, just before coffee o’clock, I got punched in the left eye by one hell of a migraine. Fast forward a couple of hours later and there I was, waking up from death and the day was basically done. Life can be such an asshole sometimes. So what can I do half dosed up on migraine meds? Write. Kind of (with the screen brightness turned all the way down). Or I guess we’ll find out.

I just checked the clock at its 19.30. SEVEN THIRTY (I can’t capitalise numbers so I typed it out in caps to show my angst) I have a mass amount of work to get through. Imagine for a moment, that you are standing in front of a huge, taller than you, bulldozer dump pile of ground, and you need to scoop all that ground from one pile, into a million neat little boxes (yes we are making imaginary boxes filled with ground) by tomorrow morning. But the wind is blowing the ground into your eyes and up your nose, the tiny boxes are flying all over the damn place, and when you look down to pick up the little shovel you realise that you don’t have any fucking hands. And that ladies and gentleman, is a pretty perfect description of my life right now.

I probably got to the ground metaphor because I just did some gardening, or ‘potting’ as Chad refers to it as I don’t have a garden. I have two pots filled with plants on my balcony. The one pot is home to a very much half dead tree, and the other was filled with a rosemary bush and a chili plant, but they both died. (I’m a TERRIBLE plant mother so just go ahead and judge me it’s perfectly fine) Anyway, I just planted a Spekboom, apparently they are pretty tough but we’ll see about that.

Kelly gave me a Pentax K1000 before she left for Paris. (Okay so I know I do this, name drop people like you are meant to just know who I’m talking about, Kelly is my creative business partner / great friend / incredible human – see explained) I’m pretty damn excited to shoot with it so I’ll be taking it with me to the states next month. I’m also keen to shoot more in the evenings, it’s not something that I’ve really experimented with before so we will need to see how that goes.

I took a break here to get more work done – it’s now 11.13 to be exact.

I’m back, it’s late, my room is stuffy from having the window closed all day (it’s open now). I usually sleep with the window and curtains open. I like being able to look out and see the moon it’s strangely comforting to me. When I first moved to Sea Point about 6 years ago I really struggled with the noise from Main Road, now I feel uneasy without it. I think it’s because it makes me feel like I’m not alone, and I don’t mean that in a sulky way, I mean that it makes me feel like I’m a part of something bigger. That there are all these moving bits, all around me, people coming and going places, carrying their own thoughts, goals and dreams, and hearing them down there on the street gives me a sense of unity and comfort in knowing that I’m not alone up here. Maybe that’s also why I love street photography, being in and amongst people, observing and noticing. I do alot of walking around Sea Point (usually to and from coffee or lunch) but this areas has so much character. I really do love living here.

Anyway, here’s some shot’s I got the other morning.Reflection, portrait, street photography, sea point, cape town Reflection, portrait, street photography, sea point, people Reflection, portrait, street photography, people, sea point, cape town, woman in a window hands, holding hands, couple, cape town man in a window, person, street photography, cape town, shop

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