Missing: New York

A photo of a woman, michelle viljoen, street photography, black and white, nyc, New YorkI’ve been back home for a couple of weeks now, but it feels so much longer. It feels like New York was ages ago. I miss the cold streets, the walk along the Pulaski towards the 7 train. I miss the banter with the guy at the bagel shop while he makes my standard morning order. One everything bagel, toasted, with a bit less cream cheese than usual. That’s how he remembered me. The foreigner who asks for less cream cheese.

I miss the neons in the shop windows and the sounds of the underground escaping through the steam vents as you walk above. I miss my friends that I’ve made there over the years, their loving and caring souls that brighten my days.

I also miss having a good excuse for being that overly excited woman who freaks out when I see a dog and go ‘OMG IS HE FRIENDLY?!’ and proceed to hug it like we’re long lost friends after which I say ‘I really miss mine, they’re all the way back in SA’ and then their owner’s expression goes from ‘CRAZY WOMAN GET AWAY FROM MY DOG’ to ‘Aw that’s sweet’ (At home I’m just a mad dog person).

I also miss eating my way through Chinatown. It’s prob one of the things I miss the most.

I realise that I haven’t posted very many shots from my trip on here (they are all over on my Instagram), so I’ll be doing a couple of posts with some of my fav shots.

Anyway. We have an exciting trip coming up! Chad and I are heading all the way up to Kirkwood next weekend for a wedding (extra long weekend!). 8 hours of driving to get there, (at a minimum) because let’s face it, we will be stopping for photo’s more often than not and when we aren’t stopping for photo’s we will be stopping for food, which will prob lead to photo’s.

We will be mapping our route, places we stayed at, places we ate at and all those things so stay tuned in (Clicked in? What? I don’t even know.)

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