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6 thoughts on “The Grey Area of Street Photography”

  1. Love your photos of the moments – I share your affinity for the moments we capture with a lense… and although I really don’t have your skill I can appreciate it…. thanks for sharing it with the rest of us. Please continue!

  2. Ok, Michelle, since you are open to questions, may I ask why you posted the b&w with the man having a drink? It’s clear he’s not very pleased seeing you and your camera. So? What’s the interesting ephemere moment you wanted to capture? His expression? Maybe he was drunk, maybe he was bored, maybe he was ill…

    1. I’m always open to questions! There is a lot that goes into making a decision to post – in a very simplified example you have the moment before taking the photo, the moment of taking a photo, and the interaction (if any) after taking the photo. If that entire process feels right to you then use it.

      Again – this is personal thing, it’s about listening to your gut, what might be fine to me, might not be the case for another photographer so it’s up to each persons to use their own discretion. In this case I sensed more indifference, perhaps a slight irritation, but I wanted to capture the moment. (I say indifference and irritation because they often deal with photographers in the park where I took this photo) Sometimes there doesn’t need to be more than a simple evocation that triggers you to take a shot. There’s nothing in this photo that I find offensive, or that I feel would be disrespectful to the subject, which is why I have no problem with using it.

      I personally am not overly worried by slight annoyance of people when I take photo’s – if that were the case I doubt I would be a street photographer. I hope that makes sense!

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